5 Dirty Secrets About Remote Working… And How To Avoid Doing Them

6 thoughts on “5 Dirty Secrets About Remote Working… And How To Avoid Doing Them”

  1. Yes, yes and yes! LOL! As I read this I was just checking off boxes and saying AMEN. When I relocated to North Carolina I worked from home for a little over a year. I did, however, make sure to take a shower everyday. Maybe not first thing in the morning but at some point, usually on my lunch break. I did not want my husband to come home from work to a smelly wife. I watched many seasons of shows and realized just what was on TV when most people are at work all day. After a year I was done and missed human interaction other than my husband. Since moving, I need to make new friendships and that wasn’t going to happen working from the couch. I would like to have at least one work from home day a week. That would be a happy balance for me.


    1. Hey Heather!

      Your response made me laugh as well. I see you on the shower bit (but I wonder if you were home alone… hmmmm) lol. I also understand needing the interaction. Virtual meetings suffice for a time, but getting that physical contact is nice as well. For me, it was having a weekly social gathering with friends or family. I think with everything that’s happening now, you may get more than a day home ^_^.

      Thanks for commenting, I’ll check out your blog this weekend :).


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