5 Dirty Secrets About Remote Working… And How To Avoid Doing Them

11 thoughts on “5 Dirty Secrets About Remote Working… And How To Avoid Doing Them”

  1. Jackie: You had me going back to your post a couple of times…..it was funny, in your face and down right straight, take it or leave it…..well done….that’s you in all your glory…..write more girl…you’re good at it……


    1. Hi Sophia and apologies for the delayed response. There were some issues in our backend. Thanks for your wonderful comments :D, and when Fudge returns with more posts later this year, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy what we have to offer. I’ll check out your blog soon ^_^.
      ~ Jackie


      1. Thanks for responding back Jackie. All the best for all that’s going on behind the scenes with you and Fudge. In case you would like, here’s a link to what keeps me occupied anytime you may not find me on wordpress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fetuHjfsro&t=57s hope you like and subscribe as I would love to build a little community of people supporting and sharing life together. do post a comment on youtube itself just in case you do get a moment to stop over. Meanwhile, my prayer is for peace and firmness to be your strength. Amen.

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  2. Yes, yes and yes! LOL! As I read this I was just checking off boxes and saying AMEN. When I relocated to North Carolina I worked from home for a little over a year. I did, however, make sure to take a shower everyday. Maybe not first thing in the morning but at some point, usually on my lunch break. I did not want my husband to come home from work to a smelly wife. I watched many seasons of shows and realized just what was on TV when most people are at work all day. After a year I was done and missed human interaction other than my husband. Since moving, I need to make new friendships and that wasn’t going to happen working from the couch. I would like to have at least one work from home day a week. That would be a happy balance for me.


    1. Hey Heather!

      Your response made me laugh as well. I see you on the shower bit (but I wonder if you were home alone… hmmmm) lol. I also understand needing the interaction. Virtual meetings suffice for a time, but getting that physical contact is nice as well. For me, it was having a weekly social gathering with friends or family. I think with everything that’s happening now, you may get more than a day home ^_^.

      Thanks for commenting, I’ll check out your blog this weekend :).


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