5 Gross AF Things I Did… Before Covid-19

One thought on “5 Gross AF Things I Did… Before Covid-19”

  1. I’m definitely more careful about the way and how long I wash my hands. I constantly used to touch my face and my house was not as clean as I thought it was. I always used a new wash cloth everyday for dishes and counter tops but I would let sponges sit around the sink. Now I throw them in the dish washer everyday to be cleaned and sterilized. I also have laundry sanitizer for all of my clothes. I used bleach on towels and sheets but realized my clothes were not being sanitized. Lastly, I wash my gloves before storing them back in the draw. My whole house smells so clean when I walk in. I’m sure the daily Clorox wipes help with this too. I think we’ll all come out better on the other side of this. The habits we change now will be changed forever.


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